Circus du Psyche is a project inspired by Joseph Cornell. The box constructions consists of objects I have collected over time. I hoped to create magical little worlds, where reality is suspended in a dream like atmosphere. From the outset these constructed worlds were conceived to be presented as tintypes to further enchant and enhance the sense of a found treasure of times past. I then decided to let the color to remain to convey the flavor of a garish and seedy circus life, a modern twist on the hand painted tintype.
Homage to Cornell
Head Bump Reading
Flying Trapeze Act
Bird Goddess
Balancing Act
Coffin Girl
Falling to Earth
Home Sweet Home
Human Pinball
Madame Duchamp's Dream Analysis
Metronome Baby
Queen Luna
Traveling Man
The Mouse That Roared
The Wild Women of Borneo
Beats Palmistry
Master of Ceremonies
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