Ash Grove, Missouri
Two blocks of history dating back to the 1800s, two blocks of buildings abandoned after the Depression, two blocks of decay. Main Street, small town America, is basically a thing of the past. It is our loss, something our children will never experience. Small towns, especially the rural ones, are drying up, like family farming, a way of life that is no longer profitable. Our little town was once a hopping, nearly electric place where quarry workers and their families came on Saturday nights. We had a train that brought people in from far and wide, who stayed in the multiple hotels. We had an opera house and later two movie theaters. The quarry closed, the train left and now we are a ghost town, a skeleton of our former self. We are Main Street America.

Ash Grove, Missouri has a population of 1421 and 20.3% live below the poverty level. The Median Household Income is $34,167. This series is about the loss of Main Street in small town America. I hope the series will give viewers an understanding of my attachment to the place I proudly call home.
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