The original images for this series were made with a Diana camera, which I then re-visioned, adding additional layers to deepen the visual experience. This work is based in part on the psychology of James Hillman, who said that the poetic basis of mind places psychological activities in the realm of images and that the mind seeks to explore images rather than explain them. Hillman calls the process of re-working images, in which one gives them attention and shapes and forms them until they are clear as possible, "soul making". Hillman equates the psyche with the soul and seeks to set out a psychology based without shame in art and culture. The goal is to draw soul into the world via the creative acts of the individual. The potential for soul making is revealed by psychic images to which a person is drawn and apprehends in a meaningful way. In this series I have used imagery, which hold symbolic meaning, to personify my sense of the psyche.
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