This series is about the sense of place. I am working to make images that convey what I see. This incorporates the feelings through which my vision is filtered. I do not see things crisp and sharp but rather through layers of experiencing in the moment. The wind blowing, the temperature brisk or sweltering, the tangential sounds and smells of a place all affect what I see at a given moment. I feel places have a soul and I want to experience that soul. I hope for these images to feel like poems of a place and to convey the experience I carry within, when no longer in the place.
I am after a sense of transcendence, an experience beyond the visual facts. I hope to hint at the possibility of spiritual transcendence into an otherworldly sort of place. I hope to imbue a quality of myth and a sense of looking deep into another world and back in time. I am drawn to metaphors and symbolism, but like them veiled in enough mystery to not be blatant. I have focused on atmospheric and light qualities as a means to illuminate the living and breathing of the place. I strive for a balance between ambiguity and detail. I am drawn to the juxtaposition of beauty and decay. Imperfection and flaws add a feeling of depth and enchantment. I feel decay can hold its own special beauty. When a place speaks to me I endeavor to make images that translate my experience into a visual poem, an ode to the place. When a place sings to me and says it could be home I know I am feeling its soul and the search begins. I may begin in a city but my path usually leads to remote rural areas of the countryside.
Into the Woods
The Road
The Bay
The Curve
The Peninsula
The Valley
The Artifact
The Fishing Village
Seaside Carnival
A Small Castle
Traveler's Caravan
The Horse
Cliffs Edge
Dual Crosses
The Rock
The Gull
Life's curves
Life Saver
Celtic Crosses
The Bridge
Horseshoe Canyon
The Land
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