Life is fragile and with these images I am paying homage to all living creatures, especially those that are endangered or extinct. I am singing a song in a small child’s voice asking mankind to treasure all living creatures. At the core of this project is the heavy thought that magic might be our only hope. This series takes place in a house of wonders. Imagine hearing music, a faint calliope in the distance and a violin singing closer but unseen. The violin is just slightly out of tune, signaling an undercurrent of discord. The colors of the main players in these vignettes are saturated like a carnival, but there is darkness here, almost like a beautiful mask, which nearly seamlessly hides the danger. It is beautiful, idyllic; candy coated yet there is something amiss.The idea for this series evolved out of a belief I have held since childhood. I felt in my heart that if I could just get a rescued animal home that it would be safe and thrive. This is a secret place where the occupants are protected from threat and danger. In this sanctuary there are caregivers to attend to the inhabitants’ needs. Most of the caregivers are children because they have a natural affinity for animals and still have the capacity to love with all of their heart.

"I returned one day and discovered that between reality and nostalgia was the raw material for my work." Gabriel García Márquez
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