The Nature Journal is a series of images made at my farm in the Midwest. The visual journal is a way of understanding experiences and cataloging the wonders and mysteries encountered as well as documenting my own world. Every detail is worth noting with curiosity. Everyday activities become new frontiers to experience, and every image an expanding, ever-changing chronicle of childhood as I remember it. When I was young, childhood obesity was not an issue, kids played outside all day long no matter if it was 100 degrees. No one chose to camp out on the sofa watching television. We used our imaginations to entertain ourselves. I worry about kids today, with all the electronics and their lack of connection to the natural world. I hope to capture the magic I still feel when in nature. I moved to the country to live close to nature and to live simply. What I did not realize is that it would result in experiencing a second childhood.
Dead Bird
Rose Thorn
Found Eggs
Horse Hair Nest
The Baby Toss
The Nap
Preparing for Burial
Toy Horse
Early Morning Walk
Running with Dogs
The Horse
Running Horses
The New Dress
Rolling Down Hill
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