‘Through the Garden of Childhood’ is a series of photomontages based on memories and dreams from childhood, about the feelings carried throughout life, which to this day influence how I see and experience the world.

I am after a rawness and a primal sense of living in process. I want to give visual form to the mysteries, confusions and other vague remnants that are at my core, which direct and enliven my imagination. I strive for each image to provide an ‘as if’ experience of holding up a mirror and showing me visually some small parcel of the internal remains of what it was to be my child self.

There is what we know as a shared or universal childhood experience and over that is laid our own personal experience. Fairytales and myths play a vital role in shaping our personal interpretations of what it was to have been our child self.

I am working conceptually, creating a world that speaks to another era and that extends beyond the realm of the camera. I strive to make images, which blur the line of real and not real and possess an otherworldly quality that will transcend into the mythic. It is our world yet it is not.

I am working to unravel and reveal a personal mythology. I am telling my story.
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